Dancing in the Gardens to Live Music

Dancers and Castle

The Gardens Scottish Country Dancers is a not-for-profit group dedicated to arranging summer evenings of Scottish Country Dancing to live music in the open air in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh - an activity which has gone on for over half a century. We also organise some indoor dances allowing dancers to indulge their enthusiasm when many of the clubs have reduced activity for the summer.

Our programme for 2018 is taking shape. The Ross Bandstand is booked and the dates of the indoor dances from the end of May to the end of July chosen. The bands for the bandstand and the musicians for the indoor dances are engaged, so watch this site for further details as they become available in the next few days!

Dancing in Princes Street Gardens will take place on Mondays between 28th May and 30th July inclusive at 7.30pm. Indoor dancing will take place (at a venue still to be confirmed) on Tuesdays from 29th May to 31st July inclusive.

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Page last updated 27 Feb 2018